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Webmaster Resources - Web Site Design & Web Site Promotion Tools

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Web Site Design Help & Webmaster Tools
Web Hosting & Domain Registration
Dreamhost Web Hosting - If you're looking for a great web hosting company, I highly recommend Dreamhost. I've been using them for over a year and it's a great host and the prices are great. I pay only $9.95 a month for them to host this site.
Free Host Finder - Free web host comparisons. Includes some sites that allow high bandwidth and/or adult content.
FSN (Free Sites Network) - Free Web Hosting Service that allows vitually any kind of web page content.
Web Hosting Stuff - Hosting directory site which lists and reviews over 5,800 web hosting plans.
All World Domain Names - .COM .NET .ORG domain registration at the lowest prices I've seen! 1 year is only $8.79 and the rates get lower for each year you register.
Web Site Design Help & Utilities
HTML Basix - Webmaster links, html tutorials, code generators and more!
HTML for the REALLY Beginning Beginner - Just like it says!
Laura Lemay's "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 days" - This site covers a lot of ground - from creating simple web pages, multimedia formats, interactive pages, and much more.'s Online Site Building Tutorials - You can learn just alot at this site about web design with the free tutorials here. I especially like the way "try it yourself" examples included in each tutorial (like this one from the HTML Tutorial) where you can you can edit html and then click on a test button to view the result.

I've created my web site here mostly with a WYSIWYG web page designer but this site helps me when the WYSIWYG approach won't work. Eventually I may sit down and really LEARN html, dhtml, xml, etc. and I'm sure that this site will be the first place I'd go for starters. - If you want to make sure that your site looks good on various browsers and at various resolutions, this is the site to visit. is also great for checking your site for search engine readiness and for errors (such as invalid links). They also have great web design tips and suggestions.
CMS Matrix - Great site for comparing and choosing the best CMS (content management system) for your needs. - Has html, javascript and css tutorials plus free java applets and more! One helpful feature is their pop up window generator. - Free webmaster resources and free web site tools.Their free web site tools and generators use JavaScript and HTML to produce several scripts that help with the design of a web site.
SSH commands - Some of the more commonly used SSH commands. - Free javascript menus, navigation Java menu applets and DHTML navigation tools for your web site. - Free web development tools and resources, e-commerce solutions, internet marketing strategies, tutorials and tools. I especially like their free online Flash & DHTML generators!
Devshed Resource Area - Tutorials, examples, tips and tricks and more! - Perl/CGI scripts and lessons. - Resources for finding keywords for web site optimization and pay-per-click search engine advertising.
Creating Web Pages Online Classroom - Interesting information here from instructor Craig Power.
C-Net - Brings together a wealth of news, tutorials, software downloads, and other resources for people who create Web pages. From basic HTML to scripting and other advanced techniques. - Information and advice to help with your web page. - "The Webmaster's Reference Library" - Lots of tips for making interesting web pages. Also has many java applets available for downloading.
Website Garage - Web Site Garage provides services for maintaining and improving your Web site.'s JPEG and GIF Crunchers - Free service that compresses .gif and .jpg file sizes so that the images will load faster on peoples browsers. - REALLY GOOD SITE! Lots of applets, cgi scripts and more - with a lot of it free.'s Metatag Tutorial - Tutorial on creating and checking metatags - plus submitting your page to search engines.
640x480 Window Launcher - See how your page looks to at least 20% of your viewers who have their screens set to 600x480 pixels. A page can look really BAD at smaller resolutions if you're not careful.
Framing the Web - A good tutorial on creating/using frames. - Helpful perl scripts and other resources for use with online web stores.
7am live news ticker - Free java news ticker that you can use to provide visitors to your web page with a stream of regularly updated news.
Anfy Java - This is really NEAT! I used this software to create the spinning cube that you see (if your java-enabled) on my home page.
Arles Image Web Page Creator - Software for creating image collections on the web. It creates thumbnails, modifies images and automatically creates HTML pages. I haven't purchased this yet but it looks like an excellent product.
Dcompose Designs Slideshow - Java applet that lets you run slide shows on your web site. I used it on my 1999 Hot August Nights Photos Page.
Picture Show - Really nice java applet by RJHM van den Bergh that can be used to create a photo slideshow on your website. I used it to create the slideshow of my Oakland A's/New York Yankees Playoff trip. It's free to use on noncommercial private home pages.
Pixel Foundry - Tips and resources for web designers, photoshop users and graphic artists.
DHTML Scriptomania - Free DHTML Scripts, demos & tutorials can be found at this excellent site.
Dynamic Drive - Lots of free, original DHTML scripts and components.
e. Tel "the e.Teligent network" - Free live news, sports and market java tickers & newswires. - Lots of helpful stuff for enhancing your web page. - Tools that allow you to create customized text and buttons and other graphics for your web page. Excellent site. - Lots of help for making cool web pages.
Java Applet Download Site - Free Java applets for your web site.
Java Download Index - More Java applets.
Javascript Error Correction Script - If you're using a script at your website that you either have trouble debugging or, because it's not one you wrote, are unable to change, you can use this script so as not to get one of these at the bottom of the browser window.
JavaScript Made Easy!! - Great source for help with employing javascript on your web page.
JavaScript Source - Collection of hundreds of "cut and paste" JavaScripts to use on your web page! Really neat site! I like their website navigation scripts. - Thousands of free javascripts for your web pages.
Java-Search.Com - Brought to you by e. Tel, has links to some neat java applets and other java related info that I haven't seen elsewhere.
Modern Java from Modern Minds - They make some cool java tools including the Ultimate Button Bar.
Barry W. Pase's Animated GIFs links - Free website graphics, javascripts, resources, hard to find html, and more. - Links to Animated GIFs archives.
Boogie Jack's Web Depot - Free backgrounds and wallpaper, banners, buttons tutorials and more to help jazz up your web site.
Bryan Livingston's Online Graphics Generator - Real-time generation of graphics customized exactly the way you want them and it's FREE!
MEDIABUILDER - Totally free graphics including animated gifs and animated gif builders!
Mike Shaikun's Animated GIF Collection - HUGE collection of animated gifs for your web page.
Web Site Promotion & Marketing Help
How To Promote Your Website by Corey Rudl - Highly Recommended! - Every month, pays people $1,000 for their best traffic-generation ideas. Then, they publish all this... FREE! That's why "Trafficology" is easily the best "How-To-Get-Traffic" newsletter on earth! If you're not reading it, you are completely out of the loop! After you see what it's about I'm sure you'll want to subscribe - like I did! - Advice for marketing your web site with a small budget. Affiliate Marketing Advice - "Must read" material!
The Smart Marketer - Another valuable source for tips and ideas about web site promotion, e-mail marketing, search engine placement and more.'s Affiliate Weekly Marketing Articles - Helpful and interesting reading!
Web Click Concepts - After they conduct an evaluation of your product(s), business model and volume potential, this company will quote you a commission or "bounty" that they can effectively market your product for. You pay them this commission only after they bring you a customer or sale. - I have no idea if this is good or just a rip-off but if anyone tries it I'd love to hear from you!
AddMe - Site with free tools to help submit your site to search engines and promote your site.
LinkCount - See who's linking to your site. - provides a mechanism for you to make money by serving unobtrusive textads on your site or for you to purchase text ads on other sites. All the infrastructure necessary in order to collect payments and allow people who have bought ads to view detailed campaign statistics is included. - Direct e-mail marketing company
Make Money With Your Web Site
Online Storefronts Affiliate Programs & Other Money Making Help For Webmasters & Internet Users
Would you like to earn money just by linking to other websites? Affiliate programs allow you to do just that! Besides earning commissions on sales to your site's visitors, many these programs allow you to buy from yourself, in effect providing an extra discount on YOUR OWN PURCHASES in the form of referral commissions.
Online Storefronts
Cognigen - This is one of the best online business opportunities available. Make money while you save money - both for yourself and your friends. When you sign up, you get your own free web site, just like THIS. A key benefit to marketing with Cognigen is that most of the sales you make will provide you with residual income. The demand for Cognigen's products is massive - and growing daily! As a partner with Cognigen, you'll be able to offer low-cost long distance services, telephone calling cards, internet services, international callback, satellite television service, home security, computers/home electronics, and cellular phone services. I'm in this program and I can wholeheartedly recommend Cognigen to anyone who seriously wants the means to make serious money. At the very least, it's worth joining for the money you'll save by using their services.
Tel3Advantage - Sell rechargeable calling cards and VoIP Internet Phone Service. Great commissions!
Telebay - Another outstanding telecommunications agent program. Good commission plan and prompt payments!
Own Your Own Adult Website Virtually Free - If you're interested in this sort of thing, appears to be an interesting way to get your own adult website.
Affiliate Programs
Commission Junction Many categories of advertisers and activity reports are updated almost immediately. Simply cut and paste the html code they provide into your web pages and start making money. Commission Junction is one of the easiest affiliates to use. The only negative thing is if that trying to contact and/or get a response from anyone with Commission Junction is, in my experience, next to impossible. Fortunately, the system works pretty well so there is seldom a need to get ahold of them.
Linkshare Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants. Internet directory of associate referral and affiliate programs. Refer-it's database includes descriptions and ratings of 4350 such programs and has many helpful services including a discussion groups, affiliate tracking, online store creation, free training classes and software downloads.'s Making Money Page Information about choosing and using affiliate programs for selling other companies products plus helpful advice about selling products via online auctions and "web store merchandizing."
U.S. Government Resources
U.S. Small Business Administration - The Starting Your Business Section is a must read. Also, be sure and check out the SBA Answer Desk where you can get answers to common questions and advice on getting free advice about your small business.
FTC's Work at Home Schemes Page - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission describes some of the most common "work at home" scams.
Other E-Commerce & Small Business Resources - Helpful site for webmasters with lots of quality information and advice about web hosts, search engines, scripts, web page graphics, html help, affiliate programs, banner exchanges and more! - Commercial CGI scripts including MetaSearch and MetaSearch Pro which allows you to create your own pay per click metasearch engine. - Interesting reading for those of you interested in making money with "celebrity" web sites.
The Drop Ship Source Directory - Want to sell all the best Name Brand products on your web site? The Drop Ship Source Directory will show you where to find and how to work directly with REAL Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors who Drop Ship. They will ship top Name Brand products right to your customer's door, and you won't spend a CENT for inventory, shipping, or warehousing. No minimum orders, and no setup fees! You simply place product information (images and descriptions) on your Internet site or auction, take orders, and email those orders to your Drop Ship distributor. YOU set your retail price, and pay the distributor the wholesale price, making a profit every time.'s E-Commerce Page - If you want to start, or already have, an e-commerce site, you'll want to check out the information here. The Beginners Guide is a good place to start. - Wonderful site. They have lots of useful tips for starting a small business.
SCORE - Get business advice from people who've already succeeded in running their own companies. SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is a nonprofit association of working and retired executives and business owners who provide free guidance about forming and operating small businesses. Many answers to the "how to" of small business ownership can be found here. You can also get business counseling via e-mail or arrange to get help from one of their trained mentors. This is a TREMENDOUS RESOURCE!
Yahoo! Small Business Information Directory - Lots of fascinating information here.
Nothing wrong with getting mad - just use it the right way - Interesting/inspiring article by Dave Murphy of the San Francisco Chronicle about using anger in a postive way.
Derek's Auction Help Page - Helpful information and links for buying and selling at online auction sites.

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