Derek's Religion & Spirituality Page

For those of you who know that I'm agnostic, it might seem odd for me to create a page on this topic but... here it is.

Below are the first links on this page.

I'll be adding to and improving this page over time. - A searchable online Bible in over 35 languages and 50 versions. - Interesting site with lots of audio and video files.

Audio Bible Online - Listen to the entire Bible (King James Version) online with RealAudio as narrated by Alexander Scourby.

Independent Schools Training for Religious Studies and Independent Schools Religious Studies Association Resources Website - Excellent site with lots of information about various religions and their history. Highly Recommended!

lndex to BBC RealPlayer audio files about various world religions

Buddhist Teachings - Audio Lectures on Buddhism in RealAudio and Windows Media Player format.

Small Romanised Pali - English Dictionary of Buddhist Terms.

Buddhism Depot - featuring the Buddhism Depot Magazine, an Introduction to Buddhism, and pages about Buddhist Scriptures, Mudras, Hand Gestures and their Symbolism, Buddhist Humor, a Buddhism Art Gallery and more.

Buddhist Links Page

Evomundi's Bible Study Tools

Christian Real Media - Over 350 Christian Media Links.

OCWN - Online Christian Webcasting Network - A Christian Portal serving Churches, Ministries and Christians. - Christian audio content online.

The Televangelists' Hall of Shame

Share International - Ummm... This fella claims to be the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, and the Imam Mahdi. - "Skeptic" site.