Derek's Search Tools Page

Keyword Indexes

Google Currently the most used search engine by far. Uses link popularity and relevancy to help rank results. This also was once, in my opinion, the best search engine available but in all honesty, nowadays the results that you get at Yahoo! or MSN Search are just as good, if not better. Includes cache copy of web pages. Indexes first 101 KB of a web page. Keyword Indexes use robot spiders and indexing computers to build, index, and maintain huge databases containing millions of documents and billions of words
Yahoo! Search Another of the "Big Three" search engines (along with Google and MSN Search), Yahoo! Search indexes first 500 KB of a Web page.
MSN Search Getting better all the time. Worth using, even if it is a Microsoft site!
WiseNut A lot like Google and, as with Google, a lot to like about it. WiseNut is definitely worth bookmarking!
Gigablast Founded in 2000 by Matt Wells, GIgablast already has one off the largest and freshest web indexes in the world.
AltaVista Offers advanced Internet search features and capabilities like multimedia search, language translation and language recognition. Uses the Yahoo! database.
Exalead In addition to the list of categories, Exalead returns thumbnail images of each Web page. This makes it possible to eliminate many Web pages because they appear, for instance, to be commercial sites when you are looking for research papers. Even better, clicking on the page displays it in a preview pane at the bottom of the screen. That includes previews of videos, as well.

Meta Search Engines Answers questions you submit in plain language. Meta Search Engines let you query multiple search engines simultaneously with results organized by search engine or combined into one set of returns.
Chubba Searches whatUseek, Yahoo!, AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Hot Bot, and Lycos all from a single search query. Includes box to get your weather forecast by simply putting in your zip code, city or country.
Ixquick Metasearch engine that allows you to search in any of 18 languages - even Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Ixquick results are awarded one star for every search engine that chooses it as one of the ten best results for your search. So a five star result means that five search engines agreed on the result.
Dogpile Get a pile of results from Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and – all at one search site.
MetaCrawler One of my favorite search tools.

Internet Directories

Yahoo! Directory Subject Directories are databases composed of documents that are identified by category, title, and a few keywords. This hierarchical structure reduces the number of irrelevant documents but contain a relatively small number of Internet documents. Great for browsing.
Canny Link Internet Guide

Miscellaneous subject-specific search engines

Telephone Directories On The Web My links to online phone books and other people location web sites. Another place for checking to see who registered a site and their contact information.
WorldPages Over 100 million U.S. and Canadian white and yellow pages listings, 9 million e-mail addresses, 30 million URLs, and links to over 200 directories. Most listings are accompanied with a map maker to help you see where your people or service search results are located. There are also quick links to popular yellow pages categories.
WebSEEk Content-Based Image and Video Search and Catalog Tool for the Web.
NEDSITE Search Center Specialized links.
PhotoLinks Search Engine to sites dedicated to photography.

Pages With Links To Search Tools

Freeality Internet Search Links to Search Engines, Meta Searches, and pages that help you find people, e-mail addresses & reverse lookup, companies, reference & research tools, and much more!
Webplaces Search Hundreds of search tools & links to specific sites.