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Hair Care & Hair Color

Is Sodium Laurel Sulfate (used in almost all shampoos) safe? Also what about Sodium Fluoride (found in most toothpastes)? Do hair dyes and straighteners cause cancer? I've been looking into these issues and I haven't reached a clear decision as to what I think about all of this.

I have, however, found some interesting information about this and have posted links to all of it all here.

Henna Hair Links

I've been considering trying out using henna for hair treatment/coloring. I'm still not sure if I'll go ahead and do it or not but, while I'm making up my mind, I've been accumulating links to sites dealing with henna... both for hair coloring and for temporary tattoos (as well as other hair care sites). Here they are for you to check out, though in no really organized manner.

The Henna Page

e~henna Henna Hair Page

Rainbow Henna Hair Color

Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Here are links to sites giving information about laser hair removal procedures. I can't vouch for exactly how accurate all of this information happens to be but at least these sites provide potential starting points for learning about the varoius methods.

Berman Skin Institute's LightSheer Diode Laser and CoolGlide Laser Treatment information - Dr. Dean Edell - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow A List Of Laser Hair Removal Methods - Dr. Dean Edell - Can Lasers Remove Gray Hair

Dr. Jeffrey Melton's Laser Hair Removal Page - Located in Dubai, Dr. Mahaveer Mehta offers laser hair removal treatments as well as other services like laser skin surgery, laser skin resurfacing, botox treatments and more.

Igia Epil-Stop

Epil Stop Hair Removal @ - Hair, Makeup, Cosmetics, Beauty, Perfume

Other Hair Care Sites

The Bald Man's Home Page - Lots of information here about hair loss and hair loss treatments. Check out the interactive forum, chat, and news updates

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