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This page is devoted to information about privacy, or lack of it, especially as it relates to using the Internet. You'll probably be amazed at how much information about you is being gathered and just how little privacy you have. Get yourself educated about this and learn what steps you can take to minimize (as much as possible) these invasions of your privacy. Sometimes cookies and such are useful but I think that it's best if you can decide for yourself when you want to allow them.

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Essential Links A great place to get advice and information to protect yourself and your privacy online. This site has lots of informative material about viruses, trojans, spyware, firewalls and much more. Be sure and check out their free security services and free tools page.
Advanced Web Programming by Richard M. Smith Just some of Internet security and privacy topics covered here include e-mail security flaws, dangerous ActiveX controls, web anonymizing Services, the RealJukeBox monitoring system, Comet Cursor, Alexa and zBubbles, web bugs (with a web bug search page), Cookie leaks, and data spills in banner ads.
Privacy Foundation Keep up-to-date on the latest threats to your privacy.
Disabling ActiveX and Java in Internet Explorer Richard M. Smith explains how to do it. There's also an enlightening link that shows you what potentially dangerous ActiveX controls are accessible on your computer.
How can I scan myself from across the Internet? This page lists a number of sites that can scan your computer so you can see just how secure, or insecure, your system happens to be.
SecurityFocus is a provider of security information services for businesses and is a good source of information and news related to security and privacy.
Privacy Power! This site gathers together quoted materials concerning privacy issues from all over the Net. Good information can be found in the "Help & How To's" section. One interesting topic covered is Microsoft's DCOM and MDM.exe and how to go about disabling these programs.
Cookie Central Lots of information about Internet "cookies" and how to control them. Cookies can be useful but can be used in a way that compromises your privacy.
Robert Clemenzi's Parasites Page Parasites use up system memory and drag down your computer's performance. Some are even worse because they also function as spyware. This page has interesting information about "parasites" such as Loadwc.exe, the PKWARE Parasite, mdm.exe and more.
Shields Up! Steve Gibson's site with reviews of Internet Firewalls, Packet Sniffers, "Spyware" and more. Check your system's vulnerability by clicking on the "Test My Shields!" and "Probe My Ports!" buttons.
Spychecker Another good site to check to see if software is truly freeware or, in fact, spyware. Also has links to software that can help combat spyware.

Privacy Software & Services

Ad-aware Lavasoft's Ad-aware is an free spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware and lets you remove it safely.
AdSubtract Great product that helps you to block ads, cookies, pop-up windows, animations, music and more. It will also help you to manage/delete existing cookies. Try their free AdSubtract SE or for only $29.95 get AdSubtract PRO.
The Cleaner If you don't already have a virus scanner which you keep up to date... DO IT! However, one thing most virus scanning programs won't protect you from are Trojan Horses. One way to help fend off Trojan Horse attacks is with The Cleaner from MooSoft Development.
Purge-It! Purge-it! allows you to take a look inside your system, see what programs are running, which ports are open, and to choose what happens to your system. It also helps you clean various Malware such as Backdoor, Trojans and Spyware from your computer.
X-Cleaner Remove traces of documents opened, pictures viewed...
Detect "spy" software that logs your activity and internet tracks!
Permanently erase the digital foot prints left behind when you surf!

Permanently erase potentially embarrassing "hidden" files!

Stop password theft Know if users are snooping your keystrokes!
Erases chat files! ICQ, AIM and more- remove your chat traces!
Portable! So small you can take it with you to public machines!
No installation required - simply download and use!
IDcide Privacy Companion This free browser add-on alerts you when you are being watched on the Net. It also shows you who is following you and lets YOU decide how much personal information to give away. provides both free and fee-based anonymous web access services as well as other online security information.
The Java Filter While you are surfing the World Wide Web, you frequently come across pages that contain Java applets, which are downloaded and executed from your computer. Hostile applets could discover information about your system and communcate it back to their origin without your knowledge and/or inflict damage to your system. The Java Filter lets you take control over which applets you want on your machine and which you donít, without having to switch off Java support of your browser.
MagusNet Public Proxy Server Free proxy service.
Password Safe Tired of trying to keep track of all your passwords? Password Safe is a free utility which allows you to keep all of your passwords securely encrypted on your computer. It features a simple, intuitive interface that lets you set up a password database in minutes. You can copy a password just by double-clicking, and paste it directly into your application.
Richard Smith's Privacy Issues Page Lots of straightforward information about privacy (or perhaps I should say LACK of privacy) on the net. Be sure and read about Web Bugs and how they can be used with web pages, e-mail and in newsgroups to track your internet habits. There's also interesting information about how the Comet Cursor, if you download it, tracks your visits to web sites that are Comet Cursor enabled. Run free tests to check on your computer's vulnerability to hacking.
See if TopText or Surf+ is on your computer And learn now to remove it.

Anti-Spam Resources - Information And Software For Combatting E-mail Spam

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WebAttack Anti-Spam Freeware Links to all kinds of great free software to help get rid of spam!
Spam FAQs, and Other Interesting Places Michael S. Toth's page of links to information about (and fighting) Spam.'s Page Of Advice For Combatting Junk E-mail & Spam E-mail filtering techniques and more.