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All-Music Guide - You can find out information about just about any singer or group. Includes biographical information, web links and album reviews for just about ANY musical artist. If you like a particular artist, it will also point you towards other artists you might enjoy. Very comprehensive. If you like music, you'll LOVE this site! - Site with musician biographies, discographies, and lyrics.
Get - Over 88,000 new and old song lyrics plus pictures, an online karaoke jukebox and more.
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The Lyrics Library - Has links to over 600 lyrics web sites. (Also has special free Lyrics database software you can download to save lyrics on your computer.)
The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music - Looking for recommendations for music worth hearing? Try out this site!
Den's Oldies Lyrics Page - Lyrics to songs from the 50's, 60's & 70's.
Oz Net Music Chart - Music charts from Oz (Australia!), the U.S. & the U.K from the 50's through today.
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NgocMinh's Vietnamese Music Collection - Vietnamese music in RealAudio.
Hi-Fi Heaven - Directory of links to audio equipment sources, reviews and news.
Musicians I Like
Bic Runga & Boh Runga
Find out more about Bic at her official site:

Another couple of great sources of Bic news are the fan sites Suddenly Strange and Bic Runga's World. Also check out the Bic Runga section of for a biography, news items and discussion forum about Bic.
Bic Runga's sister, Boh is the lead singer for the band stellar*. They've been compared with the band Garbage (Personally, I'm more partial to stellar* but you can judge for yourself. To learn more about this great band, check out the official Stellar* Web Site. also has a section of their site dedicated to stellar* with a brief bio, news stories & users forum. Visit it HERE.
Bic Runga is a very talented (and pretty) singer/songwriter from New Zealand. She is probably best known for the song "Sway" from her debut CD called Drive (also heard in the movie "American Pie").

You can also hear samples of all the songs on this album and get all the tracks in mp3 format here:
mp3 version of Bic Runga's "Drive"
Bic Runga Drive CD
Bic's second studio CD was called Beautiful Collision. If you liked her first CD you'll like this one too. I ordered mine from New Zealand before it was available here in the U.S. but it's now available here for a great price through (By the way, the cover for the U.S. version of the CD is different than the version released in New Zealand. Personally, I like the U.S. cover better.)

You can also hear samples of all the songs on this album and get all the tracks in mp3 format here:
mp3 version of Bic Runga's "Beautiful Collision"
Bic Runga Beautiful Collision CD Bic Runga Beautiful Collision CD
New Zealand CD Cover
U.S. CD Cover
Bic's latest CD (released in New Zealand on November 28, 2005), Birds, is a beautiful self-produced production. She gathered together a band of some of the best and most popular New Zealand recording artists (including Neil Finn, Anika Moa, Shayne Carter, Anna Coddington and more) in Auckland's Monte Cecilia House. I especially like the song "Winning Arrow"! You can see the Winning Arrow video and hear samples of the other songs on this CD by visiting this web page.
Bic Runga -  Birds
stellar*'s first CD "mix" is a great album! CLICK HERE or on the pic at right to get a copy for yourself! Not a bad track on the entire CD!
stellar*s first CD

October 31, 2001

stellar* "Magic Line" CD by stellar* debuts at #1 in the New Zealand album sales charts!
GET IT HERE! Another great CD by Boh and company!

Odds & Ends ... Interesting Links related to Bic Runga, stellar* and Boh Runga

A review of "Beautiful Collision" - PopMatters™ - June 2004

Video of Bic Runga's live appearance on public radio station KCRW - October 2002 (NICE!)

Beyond the breakthrough: Stellar - New Zealand Herald - June 2001

Boys on the Side - NZ Musician Magazine - June 1999

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