Miscellaneous Links of Interest

Mya's Palace - Dedicated to a beautiful girl who is known to some by the name of Mya (and who I'll always love).
AnteUp Gambling Links - News and links about gambling and gambling sites.
Brainbench - Test your skills! Brainbench provides online certification and assessment of more than 200 different skills with many of the tests being totally free.
AOL Sucks - Read about how.
Banned Books On-Line - Read books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts.

FreeCar.com - Would you like to have a FREE CAR?
Mr. Wakeup - Provides scheduled wake-up and reminder calls to any telephone in the United States.
Sam Sloan's Home Page - Hard to describe/explain. Chess player with lots of legal problems and issues. Interesting/Weird.