Internet Radio and TV Broadcasts

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BBC Radio Player - Listen to live BBC radio shows, or listen to recorded shows up to 7 days after the original broadcast. One of my current favorite streaming radio sites. - Concentrating on LIVE audio feeds, this directory links to thousands of radio stations worldwide, all of which you can hear through your computer. - Watch Live TV stations broadcasting on the internet in Realplayer and Windows Media Player format!

Radio-Locator - Comprehensive radio station search engine with links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2,500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world. Internet Radio Directory - Here you'll find Comedy Webcasts, Music, News, Sports, Talk Radio, and links to other Internet Radio Directories.

Microsoft's Media Guide - Lists sites with Windows MediaPlayer audio and visual files in many categories. - Links to radio networks and Internet broadcasters in the U.S. and Canada. Guide to: Internet Radio

SHOUTcast - Large directory of stations and just ordinary people broadcasting with streaming mp3 format. Read the FAQ to learn how to listen and/or air your own shows.

Warp Radio - Claims to be the most complete Internet listing of all radio stations in the United States.


LAUNCHcast - You can customize which bands you want to hear, which songs you want and which albums also. Whenever a song plays, you can rate the album, artist and song from 1-100. The higher the points you give, the more often you'll hear that song, artist or album. Also, if you choose to do so, you can block any artist, song, or album from playing on your LAUNCHcast ever again.

Flashback Radio - "Grass Roots" internet radio station that plays songs of the 80's. Fun station if you like that era of music. You can even make requests with dedications!

Dimension Music - A digital music portal with "DJ personality driven" mp3 music content including streaming Dmusic Radio. Great place to hear talented "undiscovered" musicians.

Old Time Radio & Television

TV Party - Fascinating site with lots of information about Television programming through the years with video clips galore.

Yesterday USA - Yesterday USA features Old Time Radio Shows and Vintage Music 24 hours a day! - An Authentic Aircheck Museum of Classic Top 40 Radio. Hear what radio USED to be like!


Comedy from - A wide variety of comedians doing stand-up routines plus other comic bits interspersed between.

Computing Information & Help

Computer Corner Radio Show - Weekly radio show with lots of helpful tips and answers to your computer related problems.

Off The Hook - Fascinating discussions about hacker related topics presented by 2600 Magazine.

News, Talk Radio and Political Content

Air America Radio - Air America is a rapidly growing progressive U.S. talk radio network featuring hosts like Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy and others... even *UGH* Jerry Springer. You can also go here to download and listen to the most recent shows after the fact with free podcast software like iPodder.

Alex Jones' Infowars - Interesting site by Alex Jones, who claims that the governments of today are in collaboration to create a New World Order which is steadily taking away American liberties and plans to make the U.S. Constitution obsolete, helping the global elite further gain control. - Progressive news and views. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a liberal, you might find the shows, especially "Democracy Now" worth listening to because they cover issues not usually addressed by mainstream media. - Interesting show, Jeff Rense presents interesting information and alternative views on a wide range of subjects.

Free Speech Internet Television - The first, and only, audio/video webcasting site created entirely by its members. With diverse video reports, speeches, interviews, and shows.

KGO Radio - San Francisco Talk Radio giant KGO NewsTalk 810. My favorite personality here is Ronn Owens.

WABC Radio - 77 WABC News Talk Radio from New York City. Here's the station's program schedule.

C-SPAN - Links to Video & Audio from C-SPAN.


Larry Grossman's "You Can Bet On It" Show - You can also hear older shows later by going to the show's ARCHIVE page.'s Radio & TV Page

Films and Motion Pictures



Roy Masters - Hmm... how to describe? Well I'll let you read Roy Masters' own explanation of what he and his Foundation of Human Understanding are about.

Dr. Gene Scott - The late Dr. Eugene Scott was certainly a rather "interesting" fella... Not your average preacher by any means. Even though he passed away back in February 2005, his website is still up and running (including 24/7 streaming video) with no mention of his death. - Christian audio content online.

OCWN - Online Christian Webcasting Network - A Christian Portal serving Churches, Ministries and Christians.

lndex to BBC RealPlayer audio files about various world religions

Buddhist Teachings - Audio Lectures on Buddhism in RealAudio and Windows Media Player format.

International Broadcasters

Radio Australia - Live 24 hours a day. You can also visit the Radio Australia Home Page.

Radio Romania International - Schedule by language and other station information at the Radio Romania International Website.

Voice of Russia

Other Stuff

Travus T. Hipp Commentary - Former Reno-area talk show host Travus T. Hipp. God I miss that show! Listen to his commentaries for awhile and I think you'll understand why. (Thanks to Leigh of and for the link to the Travis T. Hipp Commentary Archive) - View streaming video highlights of TV shows. - "All Ads, All The Time" You'll need Quicktime to watch the commercials.