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Must See Sites ... The Best Sites For Digital Camera Reviews And Digital Imaging Information

Digital Photography Review - Features what is, perhaps, the best digital imaging discussion forum on the net.
Steve's Digicams - Excellent site for getting the latest digital camera news. - Detailed monthly digital camera reviews along with tips and forums.
Imaging Resource Page - Another great site. If you're shopping for a new digital camera, Dave's Picks List is a great place to check out. It gives a good run-down of digital cameras best suited to whatever uses(s) you have in mind. Just so you know, most of the prices he gives for the cameras in this list are NOT the best you'll be able to find. For the best deals, check out the price comparison sites listed on my web shopping page.
Digital Camera Resource Page - Takes a straightforward and non-technical approach to explaining digital cameras and photography. Digicamhelp focuses on the features and functions found on most consumer-level digital cameras. It also offers fundamental techniques, principles and tips about essential photography subjects like composition, lighting, photo editing and photo printing. The Common Questions about Digital Photography and Digicamhelp Q &A Discussion Board are great resources for new (and not so new) digital camera users.
Digital Camera - Digital camera reviews and information site. All reviews feature a standard 44 point analysis that considers the camera’s image quality, handling, portability, control, ease of use, and other key areas. One factor that distinguishes this site's digital camera reviews is their use of a new image analysis software to determine the “real resolution” of each digital camera.

Highly Recommended Sites - Links to Digital Camera Reviews from all over the web. - collects, summarizes and links to online ratings and reviews of digital cameras, digital camcorders and webcams. - Offers advice about how to choose the right digital camera for your needs. You'll also find digital camera reviews, message boards and camcorder and SLR camera information.
Cambridge in Colour - Photography by Sean T. McHugh - Night and low-light photography of Cambridge, England. Digital camera tutorials, techniques, and examples also available. Many beautiful photos are available here for viewing and for purchase! (Digital Camera Views) - Innovative site with up-to-date news, reviews, hints & tips, Q&A, links, an extensive tools collection plus excellent online tutorials on photography and digital imaging. - Reviews, articles and tutorials about photo editing as well as desktop publishing, vector drawing & illustration programs, web design and more. A great site! - Josh Waller's UK-based digital camera blog site. Digital camera news, reviews, links, discussion, plus more. Good stuff! - Consumer reviews of digital cameras written by people (from novices to professional photographers) who actually own and use the equipment.'s Digital Camera Reviews - Digital camera reviews and comparisons and digital imaging news.
Luminous Landscape - Great photography site with tips on equipment, forums, image galleries, and excellent articles on photo manipulation with Photoshop. Check out their Instant Photoshop Tutorial and Photoshop Curves Command Primer!
Neat Image - Very effective and easy to use noise reduction software for digital cameras and scanners. Available as standalone software and as a Photohop plug-in.
PCPhotoREVIEW - Directory of photographers which is searchable by region and photographic specialty. You can also share your favorite photos here for others to enjoy (and vote on) in their searchable photo gallery.
SayCheese - Sponsored by Lexar Media, this site provides information "on the how, what, and where of digital cameras and accessories" with tips, reviews and news and more.
Worldwide Users Groups - Lots of informative and active forums related to digital media (still and video) as well as other topics of interest including audio and web authoring.
CNETAsia Digital Camera Reviews

Digital Photo Software

Adobe Photoshop - Not inexpensive but the best and most full-featured photo editing software you can get!
Irfanview - Freeware image viewer made by Bosnian native Irfan Skiljan who is currently a student in Austria. Features include: Thumbnails, Preview, Drag & Drop Support, fast Directory View (fast moving through directory), Print Support, Scan (TWAIN) Support, Slideshow, Batch conversion, change the color depth, audio CD player, Capturing, Cut/Crop, Effects (Blur, Sharpen etc.) and much more!! - Directory of lots of great FREE digital imaging software.
Cam4you - Windows freeware utility for some Canon PowerShot digital cameras that can be used as a simpler alternative to the Canon supplied software for transferring photos from the camera to your computer.
CNet's Image Editor Downloads - TONS of image editing software!
Arles Image Web Page Creator - Quickly and easily create image collections on the web. Arles creates high quality thumbnails, modifies images and automatically creates HTML pages.
Aliu's Magic Lantern - Makes it easy to create exciting mulimedia slide shows with all your picture files. You can build a slide show simply by dragging your picture from the preview window and dropping them over the slide tray window. All popular file image formats are supported: jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, etc. This slideshows created with this program can be stored on CD-Roms that will play on other computers. Take a look at all the neat program features!
EXIF Image Viewer - Michal Kowalski's ever-improving freeware for viewing your digital photos that shows EXIF information as well as histograms of your photos. You can also select a portion of your photo to get the histogram just that section of the pic.
EXIFRead - A small freeware utility that extracts EXIF image information - such as shutter speed, aperture and focal length - from your digital camera photos.
Mayhem Studios' No Red Eye Action file for Photoshop
ODIN Professional - ODIN (Omegatron Duplicate Image Navigator) Professional is a great tool for managing large collections of images. It checks your images against a set of 270 variables and finds duplicates using either fuzzy pattern matching or binary duplicate scanning. Once duplicates are found, you can either delete them manually or use the Intelligent AutoDelete function (registered version only). However, I personally never use the Intelligent AutoDelete function because it sometimes chooses to delete the version of the photo that I'd prefer to keep. ODIN can also be set to monitor a directory for new images and compare them directly to your database.
Dup Detector - Like ODIN Professional, Dup Detector finds duplicate and near duplicate images by opening and reading image pixel data. Unlike ODIN Professional, Dup Detector is freeware!
PicMeta Printstation - Easy to use photo printing utility.
Qimage Pro - Image Viewing/Printing Software - Among the features offered by Qimage Pro: Auto-Sizing: No Resampling or DPI Worries, Multiple Prints/Sizes Per Page Including Posters, ICC Support and free lifetime upgrades and support. Not as easy to use as PicMeta Printstation but I really like the way this software interpolates photos so that you can get great prints even with less than ideal image resolution.
Whimagic Online Image Editor - Free online Java applet image editing tool created by Felix Golubov. Allows non-artists to make artistic transformations of image. It's different and fun to play with!
Also, several of the links in the "Webmaster Tools" Section of my "Computing and Software Page" have utilities for displaying photos on web pages.

Digital Photo Editing Lessons & Tips

PS Workshop - Photoshop tutorials search engine with over 500 tutorials linked! - Master the art of photography at home. This site offers tutor-assisted photography lessons with courses suitable for all ages from young teens to adult - inclucing a digital photography course. There is also a Digital Camera User Guide to help you get the best from your digital camera.'s Photoshop Tips - Tips from Adobe itself in Quicktime video format. Very good if the downloads aren't to time consuming for you. Seeing the lessons in a video format makes understanding some concepts easier than just reading about them in plain text.
A few scanning tips by Wayne Fulton - Help with scanning photos. A lot of the advice can be applied to correcting photos that have already been scanned.'s Photoshop Tutorials Links - Great collection of Photoshop tutorials - LOTS OF THEM! There are also links to tutorials for other photo editing software such as Corel Photopaint and Paintshop Pro.
Abstract Dimensions - Great site with lots of tips and techniques for Paintshop Pro. Lots of these tips will help you even if you use a different program.
Accurate Image Manipulation (AIM) for Desktop Publishing Techniques
A Compact Guide to Color Correction in Photoshop by Thomas Niemann - Straightforward advice on using Photoshop to correct color casts in your photos using Levels, Curves, & Unsharp Mask. (On the left menu, you'll need to click on "Color Correction" to see the tips.)
Design & Publishing Center's Photoshop Tips & Tricks's Desktop Publishing Tips & Techniques Page - Tremendous resource with help for just about any software you would want to use. Check out their "Ultimate Desktop Publishing Message Board Server."
DigiPHOTO by Shantel Palmer - Shantel is quite skilled at using Photoshop... If someday I can be half as good I'll be thrilled!
GFX^TM - Photoshop Tutorials, Actions, HotKeys, Lightwave 3D Models, Free Images and Icons - Be sure and check out the Graphics Directory with links to lots of informative graphics related sites.
Jay Arraich's Photoshop Tips - Photoshop techniques including making selections, adjusting contrast, using curves, rubberstamping, sharpening and more!
JT Graphics' All Digital Camera Page - Photoshop tips in .pdf format along with helpful advice, tips & links related to digital photography.
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site Tutorials - Tips for getting the most out of Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint and more.
Michael Tapes' Photoshop Tutorials - Michael shows how you can get dramatically better photos through the use of Layer Blending and the DEDRE Technique.
Out of Gamut: (Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about Sharpening in Photoshop but Were Afraid to Ask - A good explanation about using the Unsharp Mask function in Photoshop. - Basic Scanning Tips - Covers a lot of the basics of getting quality results with your scans. Among the topics covered: color correction, scanning split images, and the technology behind scanners.
VolShan's Scanning Procedures Documents - Tips on scanning photos and using Photoshop to make them look good. Includes help with removing text from magazine scans and creating frames for your pictures.
Webmonkey's Photoshop Crash Course - Help with cropping, resizing, file formats, selection tools, filters, text, layers, merging graphics, paths, faking images and making illustrations.

Photography Tips - This terrific site has lots of helpful, well-explained photography tips.
Curtin's Short Courses In Digital Photography
Fodor's Focus on Photography - Tips on taking good photos. - Photography seminars.
Thomas Shieh's Sony DSC-P1 Experiences - Concisely written tips on taking photos with the Sony DSC-P1. The tips are largely applicable to other camera models as well.
Web Photo School - Learn about Photography.
WebSLR - Better understand the controls on your digital camera by learning 35mm SLR photography with an interactive virtual camera.

Photo Printing & Online Photo Sharing (Be sure to look at the Digital Photo Software Section for useful printing software links!)

Photo Printers & Supplies & Tips
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. - The top authority on print permanence of various ink/paper combinations.
Epson Print Lab Series - Lots of tips and ideas for creative print projects and geting the most out of Epson Photo Printers. A must-see site for Epson Photo Printer owners and even if you have a different brand printer it's still a great place to visit.
How to Clean Clogged Inkjet Printheads by Blake W Patterson - From the "how-to" site Weeno, Blake gives suggestions for unclogging inkjet printheads. Lots of other comments have been added by the site's visitors. I can't say which of the methods discussed would be advisable to try but you can read and see what you think.
Fix Your Own Printer - Do-it-yourself inkjet and laser printer repair kits (HP, Apple, Epson, and more).
Online Printing & Online Photo Album Services
Andromeda Software's Guide to Free Online Photo Albums - Nice summations of most of the online photo printing and photo album services. - Fotki is an online photo sharing community, offering photo sharing and printing service to its members. You can share your photos with family and friends. Organize your photos into photo albums that can be public or private or password protected, and also every visitor can leave a comment. Well designed site! - This photo sharing site has been online since 1999 and has over a million members - and with good reason. For starters, you get 250MB of free space to host your own online gallery of photos. You can also use your photos to create and buy prints, mugs, t-shirts, jigsaws puzzles, jewelery, greetings cards and more. Fotopic has also created certain areas on the service where you can post photos with adult or mature content if you so desire.
ImageEvent - ImageEvent provides both Trial and Premium Packages. You may try ImageEvent for free for 21 days. With the Premium Package you get to upload more images - up to 1,500 storage capacity, get discounts on prints and products, have no ads or banners, plus have access to many other convenient features such as full support for movie clips such as .avi, .mov, and .mpeg files PLUS the ability to add your photo album to your website - without any ImageEvent logo, header or footer!
ezprints - My favorite photo printing site! You can have your photos printed in a wide variety of sizes ranging in size from wallet photos to 20 X 30 inches. I especially like that you can print not only glossy paper but also MATTE PAPER since most of the online photo printers I've checked out don't offer matte paper as an option. You can also put your photos on greeting cards, calendars, and specialty items such as mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts, key chains, magnets, clocks and more. You can either upload your photos. You can upload photos to photo albums and select photos from that album for printing or, better yet, just download one of their free upload software clients for easier uploading and greater control over things like cropping of your photos. I've used the Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT upload client with good results.
Kodak EasyShare Gallery (formerly known as Ofoto) - This site offers a secure and easy way to view, store and share photos online with friends and family and also offers a way to get real Kodak prints of digital photos. Free digital photo editing and creative tools and specialty products such as photo books, calendars, cards, mugs, mouse pads, aprons, frames and more are also offered here.
Pixagogo - Easy to use site for creating your own personalized online photo albums. You can even create full screen slide shows! With Pixagogo you get unlimited photo storage for about $50 per year and you can try the service out for free for 14 days. Also offers photo printing services. - All sorts of special printing options here. They can print your photos on greeting cards and envelopes, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts & puzzles. They also allow for wide format 11x14, 16x20 and 20x30 prints. Your photos can be printed on both matte and glossy paper. Additionally they'll set you up so you can post free online photo albums!
Yahoo! Briefcase - Store and share photos, documents, and other computer files.
Web Photo Album & Web Photo Slideshow Creation Software
My Photo Gallery - My Photo Gallery is a free web photo gallery cgi script and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Image galleries and thumbnails are generated on the fly from the directory that you specify. Creating an album is as easy as creating a directory and FTPing your pictures to that directory. A web administration interface is available, so updating is quite easy. It also includes advanced features such as image logging, resizing, rotating (lossless), extracting EXIF data from digital cameras, and visitor comments. This is the script I used to create the online photo album found at
Coppermine Online Photo Gallery - This free photo gallery script has many nice features. I tried using this script but, for whatever reason (perhaps the file size of my photos?) I could never run this script without crashing the web server.
Gallery - Gallery is a free web-based software product that lets you manage your photos on your own website. Setting this up may be a bit confusing for novice webmasters and you must have your own website with PHP support in order to install and use it! However, once installed on your web server, you can create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning, searching and more. Nice script but somehow I've never been able to get this to work for me.
DAlbum - Haven't tried myself but this is a very nice looking free PHP photo album script. It is small, easy to install and highly customizable at the same time. Features include slide shows, image comments, support for video and PDF files and many more.
Web Album Generator - Created by Mark McIntyre, Web Album Generator is a FREE software application that helps you publish your digital photos on the web. Web Album Generator makes it easy to create thumbnails, write an index page, and develop a navigation scheme to make your photos easily viewable on the web. It conforms to XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 which means that your photos will be viewable on any past or current web browser, and the pages will load as quickly as possible. If you find that installing cgi or php scripts is too much of a hassle, or your web host doesn't allow you to run scripts, then this is a great option.
Galleria Web Album Creator - This web album creator lets you group together photos from disk or digital camera, create thumbnailed index pages, add annotations to each photo, and upload your photo album to the web with a built-in FTP client. Graphical photo albums can be generated as well as basic thumbnails. The Galleria Web Album Creator can automatically web-ready photos before they are uploaded to the web. You will be able to resize, compress, add a watermark to photos within this software package. Additionally, Web Album Creator can create an auto-run CD containing your photo album. Many more features are provided.
Splats HTML online photo album and slideshow software - A complete and easy way to resize, rotate, add text directly on the images, define captions and create TWO optimized images (a thumbnail AND full view) with matching web pages. Free Trial version is available. If you like Splats, the purchase price is only $26.95.

Color Management/Profiling Solutions

WiziWYG - You can learn more about it by reading the FAQ.
Monaco Systems Color Management
Using ICC profiles with Qimage Pro - Good advice about creating and using ICC profiles createed by WiziWYG and Monaco with Qimage Pro. A lot of this applies to use with other imaging programs as well.

Five helpful articles written by Ian Lyons

Colour Management in Photoshop 5 Photoshop 6 & Colour Management
Basic Printing with Epson Ink Jets in Photoshop 6 for Windows PC Users Printing in Photoshop 5 and 6 Using Custom or Epson Media Profiles

Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers

Thomas Distributing - Great place to buy rechargeable batteries and chargers for your digital camera. I own a MAHA MH-C204F "SMART" CHARGER which I purchased from this site and I can highly recommend it! It rapid charges NiMH and NiCD AA / AAA batteries and also can recondition the batteries. - Good source for proprietary Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus and Sony digital camera rechargeable batteries. - Sells rechargeable batteries including 2000 mAh AA NiMH rechargeable batteries as well as rechargeable battery chargers. - Another good source for rechargeable batteries, including 1800 mAh AA batteries! - I found this site while surfing the web. I haven't ordered from this place but they do have some good prices on batteries of all types. If you happen to place an order with this company, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if it's a satisfactory experience or not. Digital camera owners will want to go look at their NiMH batteries page.
Michael Bluejay's Battery Guide - This site does a good job of summarizing the differences between battery types and the advantages of each.

LCD Scratch Prevention/Removal

Removing scratches from LCD screens article @ - Recommends the use of "polishing paste" to remove scratches from LCD's.'s Displex Page - Sells Displex polishing paste (mentioned in the above article).
EverClear - Claims to "take the scratches and scrapes out of any clear plastic, resin or acrylic surface." If anyone tries this please let me know if it worked for you.
Digital Photography Review Forum Discussion Thread about removing LCD scratches
'da Products - Sells LCD scratch protectors to help prevent your LCD from getting scratched in the first place.

Image Galleries

Belgium Digital - Many albums of interesting photos taken with various digital cameras.

Digital Video Information & Software

Camcorder - Digital & VHS Camcorder Reviews, Comparisons, & Ratings
dvspot - Founded by Jeff Keller, the man behind the Digital Camera Resource Page, ths site is a helpful resource for researching digital video camcorders and accessories, and other digital video information.
DVD X Copy Plus & DVD X Copy XPress - Until recently, if you wanted to make copies of your DVD movies you were forced to split them up onto two separate DVDs. No longer! DVD X Copy Xpress software lets you copy your DVD movie onto one DVD and it's VERY EASY TO USE... add DVD blank, add original DVD movie, click COPY button, wait until blank ejects and copy is completed. They also make DVD X Copy Plus which lets you make make quality backups of your DVD movies to CDR(W).
Adobe Premiere 6.0 - The "premiere" video editing software!
Digital Digest - Great starting point for information about digital video.
Camel's MPEGJoin - A small utility to join MPEG files.
CNet's Video Editor Software Downloads - The DivX codec is a MPEG-4 based video compression technology that can shrink digital video to sizes small enough to be transported over the Internet, while maintaining high visual quality. - The ImageMatics StillMotion Creator is an easy to use and very affordable multimedia animation program that creates SWF movies and AVI files from still images. With StillMotion Creator you can create virtual tours, bring to life presentations with dynamic image effects, create slideshows for Internet presentation with professional transitions, manage and display panoramas and create new products and offering from still images.
Intel SmartVid - Small (39KB) free software utility from Intel that converts .mov files to .avi and .avi to .mov. I've used SmartVid to convert .mov files I've taken with my Olympus C-2100UZ to the .avi format.
Neat Image - Very effective and easy to use noise reduction software for digital cameras and scanners. Available as standalone software and as a Photohop plug-in.
Peck's Power Join - Software for joining .avi files.
QuickTime Pro - This program is usually the easiest one to use if you want to convert QuickTime .mov files into .avi's but it does cost $29.99.
SVCD Tools - Here you can get mov2avi.exe to convert your QuickTime MOV files into AVIs. This works even with QuickTime files that QuickTime Pro won't convert with it's export command (where it gives you a message saying "Couldn't export the movie... because this movie does not allow saving." It's a command line program, meaning you need to run this under MS-DOS but it's small and, for me, has been easy to use. * Note that you must have QuickTime 4 or later installed on your system for this utility to work.
TMPGEnc - Convert .avi (PLUS .mov files if you also get the plugin QuickTime reader for TMPGEnc from the SVCD Tools site) into .mpg files. Free!
VirtualDub - Free video capture software which also lets you take a captured clip, trim the ends, clean it up, adjust frame size and more.

Other helpful sites to check out

Arthur Bleich's Digital Photo Corner JT Graphics' All Digital Camera Page - Helpful advice on digital cameras, accessories, plus Photoshop tips.
B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio - Not always the cheapest prices but they care wide array of Imaging (and other) equipment - some of which are hard to find anywhere else. LiveManuals - Have you lost the manual to your digital camera or camcorder or perhaps your inkjet or photo printer? This site has online versions for these and lots of other household products. A great site! - Good source for digital camera accessories such as lenses, lens adapters, filters, batteries, bags, tripods and more. Lucinda Mason's Tips On Organizing Digital Photos
Bryan Bigger's Digital Camera Experiments - Helpful information about the Nikon CoolPix 900, 950 and 990 as well as the Toshiba PDR-M1 & Mitsubishi DJ-1000. MAV! Magazine - Great online magazine for Sony digital camera enthusiasts. It's well worth checking out for non-Sony owners as well. They have lots of news, reviews, forums, auctions, tutorials along with many great tips - like how to make refrigerator magnets of your digital photos! - is a free online comparison-shopping service that saves you time and money by letting you compare Digital Camera's specifications, prices and stores across the Web. - A site where you can exchange photography tips and information, find deals on supplies and equipment, and post your own favorite pictures online. There's also plans for live chat.
CKC Power - Great source for accessories like for your digital camera. Check it out! NeoSeeker's Digital Camera Page - Links to digital camera reviews.'s Graphics Department - Graphics software and hardware reviews, helpful tips and much more. Nikon CoolPix 950 Tips and Information Page
Dan Lauring's Page of Video & Digital Camera Comparisons Nothing Lasts Forever - Chicago Sun-Times Reporter Dave Newbart looks into the longevity of photos and, in particular, digital photos. The article warns readers not to be misled into thinking that merely archiving digital images onto CDs means that they'll last indefinitely.
Digital Exposure's Glossary of Photographic & Digital Imaging Terms Terry Dawson's Page - Helpful information about digital photography - especially regarding the use of filters and digital printing.
Digital Outback Photo - Dedicated to outdoor photography using professional digital cameras (often SLRs). PhotoLinks Photography Search Engine
Digital Photography For What It's Worth (dpFWIW) - A very useful collection of useful digital photography tips and recommendations. Concentrates a great deal on Olympus digital cameras. ScopeTronix - If you're into astronomical and/or macro photography, you'll like this site. They have a vast selection of adapters for attaching digital cameras to telescopes, microscopes, etc. They also carry many hard to find proprietary step rings and adapters.
EagleEye Optic Zooms - Optical zoom lenses and adapters for digital cameras and camcorders. Most of the products they sell are exclusive to EagleEye. Shutterbug Magazine
Epperson Photo - Oklahoma based photo-video store with lots of hard to find items. Sima Products Corporation - Has a variety of photography related, video, home theater, computer, and cellular equipment. One product they offer that I like is the VideoProp (Model SVP-3) which you can read about on their Tripods & Monopods Page.
Epson PhotoCenter "Print At Home" - If you have an Epson printer, then using this site, you can select a photo you want to print, enhance it with online editing tools and then print it on your own printer. Be sure and check out the Print Lab Projects!'s JPEG and GIF Crunchers - So your photos look nice but the file size is HUGE?? You can use this site to compress them for free. - Online Photography Community with news, camera reviews, articles, galleries, photo sharing, tips, discussion, webspace, webmail, links and more. Covering digital and film. Sullivan's Scanning Tips Online - Good tips on choosing and using scanners.
Telephoto Figure of Merit: Explanation and Uses by Rodger Carter and Rick Matthews - Interesting discussion about how to compare digital cameras with various combinations of focal lengths and sensor sizes.  
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