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Computing & Internet Help is an online community which offers technical support to computer users for free. All the techs and administrators are volunteers and they've been featured in many media publications. If you have a computer problem - anything from hardware to HTML problems - then submit your question to them! You should receive an answer to your question in your email!
Webmaster Resources My Page of Web Site Design & Web Site Promotion Tools.
How to uninstall Windows Scripting Host in Windows 98 One way to protect yourself against "Love" type virii. Help for Windows 95 and Windows 98 annoyances/problems.
Blaisdell's Little Corner of the Web GREAT SITE! Lots of good stuff. Computing news and tips, freeware, security alerts and much more!
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page Information about and help with Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP.
VMyths Home Page See whether e-mail about virii, legislation, etc. is true or false.
CIAC Internet Hoaxes Page Another site to check out those suspicious e-mail warnings.
Computer Corner Radio Show Weekly radio show with lots of helpful tips and answers to your computer related problems.
Crypto-Gram Newsletter Bruce Schneier's free monthly e-mail newsletter on computer security and cryptography. All the back issues are available here on the web Do you need some help or advice regarding desktop publishing? Try this site! Need a Device Driver? Try! OR try Great site with extensive information about broadband internet service and broadband providers. Computing and technology news and information.
Getting the Most Out of an Inkjet Printer January 8, 1999 LA Times Article by Larry Magid
George & Andrea Lazarides' Computer Tips & Tricks Helpful tips for getting the most out of your Windows computer.
How to restore a corrupted user.exe file reported by System File Checker For those of you still using Windows 98. Computing & Internet news and information. The pop-ups can be annoying though.
InfoWorld's Security Corner - Resources Lots of regularly updated computer security information. Shows just how vulnerable we all are to hacker attacks... more so than you might imagine.
Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic Computing advice and helpful links.
Larry's World Lots of information about computing & related issues by Larry Magid... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A free e-mail and newsgroup viewer service that can be accessed by any web browser, anywhere in the world. It also enables you to access e-mail via any touch tone phone, plus a variety of wireless devices. also works with e-mail clients such as Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, or Infinite Technologies ExpressIT! 2000.
Microsoft Personal Support Center Technical support information about Microsoft products. Access LOOKUP, PING, TRACE, WHOIS, DNS RECORDS, EXPRESS TRACE and more. If you don't know what all this is, you can read about it all HERE.
PC Computing Online version of the print magazine. Check out their Downloads section!
PC Guide Charles M. Kozierok's site with answers to your computing questions with links to news items of interest as well.
PC World Online Another good computing magazine's online site.
Resource Management Page This site does a good job of explaining how to best manager your Windows computer's system resources. It provides helpful advice as to which programs you need to have start and run as soon as you boot up and which you might not need and how to change these settings. There's also an excellent explanation of how Windows uses memory and why a large amount of RAM doesn't mean you have unlimited memory to run your programs.
San Francisco Chronicle Article about High-Speed Net Access Learn about the various high speed net access technologies.
Street Tech Reviews, information and commentary on computer hardware, consumer electronics, and do-it-yourself (DIY) tech projects.
Tom's Hardware Guide Tech news and information. Excellent site!
Usenet Service Providers Information Page Jeremy Nixon describes some of the major Usenet service providers which often provide better Newsgroup access than what you might get from your regular ISP.

Software & Software Archives

Adobe Acrobat Reader You need this in order to open, view and print Adobe PDF files.
AdSubtract Great product that helps you to block ads, cookies, pop-up windows, animations, music and more. It will also help you to manage/delete existing cookies. Try their free AdSubtract SE or for only $29.95 get AdSubtract PRO.
AnalogX Audio tools, internet utilities, articles, MP3 search engines, DirectX plugins, original music, MIDI software, and much more, and it's all free!
The Cleaner If you don't already have a virus scanner which you keep up to date... DO IT! However, one thing most virus scanning programs won't protect you from are Trojan Horses. One way to help fend off Trojan Horse attacks is with The Cleaner from MooSoft Development.
Forte Agent The BEST Usenet Newsgroups reader. They also have a good freeware version called Free Agent. You don't know what the Usenet or Newsgroups are? CLICK HERE for an explanation.
Freeware Home Information about and links to tons of great free software. THe site also has an index of companies offering free Internet access, e-mail and Web site hosting.
ICQ ICQ is an Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will for online chat, sending messages, sending files, playing games and more.
Irfanview FANTASTIC Freeware image viewer made by Bosnian named Irfan Skiljan who is currently a student in Austria. You've gotta try it! Features include: Thumbnails, Preview, Drag & Drop Support, fast Directory View (fast moving through directory), Print Support, Scan (TWAIN) Support, Slideshow, Batch conversion, change the color depth, audio CD player, Capturing, Cut/Crop, Effects (Blur, Sharpen etc.) and much more!!
The Java Filter While you are surfing the World Wide Web, you frequently come across pages that contain Java applets, which are downloaded and executed from your computer. Hostile applets could discover information about your system and communcate it back to their origin without your knowledge and/or inflict damage to your system. The Java Filter lets you take control over which applets you want on your machine and which you donít, without having to switch off Java support of your browser.
Jumbo Over 300,000 Shareware And Freeware Programs.
Macromedia Free Software Go here for software that will let you access Shockwave Director, Flash, Authorware, or FreeHand files. You're missing out if you don't have this stuff!
mIRC Chat with people around the world on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with the most popular IRC software. Also check out the #IRChelp Page and the mIRC Help Page.
NONAGS Nothing but freeware! Updated regularly.
Password Safe Tired of trying to keep track of all your passwords? Password Safe is a free utility which allows you to keep all of your passwords securely encrypted on your computer. It features a simple, intuitive interface that lets you set up a password database in minutes. You can copy a password just by double-clicking, and paste it directly into your application.
POV Persistance of Vision) Ray Tracer Free ray tracer program.
SnadBoy's Revelation You're confronted with a situation your password is staring right at you, but it's hiding behind a row of asterisks. What to do??? Get SnadBoy's Revelation! It allows you to see what those asterisks are hiding! Not only that but it's totally free.
TUCOWS Software reviews with links to the files. Similar to Stroud's but reviews not as in depth.
Visual-Impact Directory Printer Cool freeware that lets you print the contents of a directory, disk, or CD-ROM.
Washington University in St. Louis Data Archive Lots of files of varying degrees of interest. Fun to browse. (Interesting bit of information about this site: In the late 80's it accounted for 15% of the entire Internet's bandwidth usage.) Unlike most other software download sites, they actually download, install and review every single program before it is listed on the site.
Get Windows Media Player Windows Media Player plays several audio and video files and is needed to listen to some online "streaming" webcasts. Get yourself the latest version for free. Large archive of Windows software with file descriptions.
WinRar Use this program to unpack .rar files. (not as common as .zip files - YET. However, .rar files have better compression and more options than .zip.
WinZip Easy to use file compression/decompression program for .zip files. WinZip also works several other popular file compression formats found on the Internet. WinZip interfaces to most virus scanners.