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Baseball The sports community where fans connect! Analysis, advice, and strategies for fantasy baseball participants. Thoughtful and informative essays, player projections and more. They also have the latest player news for free!
Baseball Prospectus Online Click on the topic you are researching, and he gives you all the best links. Includes information about such obscure topics like uniform numbers, baseball cards, All-Star game home run derbies, etc. Statistics for every major league player along with leaderboards and similarity scores for players you won't find elsewhere.
Baseball Weekly  
CNN/SI Major League Baseball Scoreboard  
CBS Sportsline Major League Baseball Scoreboard  
CBS Sportsline Fantasy Baseball Columns  
Derek's Links to Major League Baseball Depth Charts My page of links to Major League Baseball Depth Charts from CBS Sportsline and ESPN.
ESPN Major League Baseball Scoreboard Baseball Forums Lively discussions of teams, rumors, opinions, fantasy baseball and more. Major League Baseball player news brought to you by CBS Sportsline.
Fantasy Baseball Hub Lots of info and links. I'm mentioned at this site! : )
Fantasy Baseball headquarters Get the latest player news, statistics, depth charts, probables, scores, injury and transaction news and more!
Fantasy Baseball Review Player news and interesting columns.
Fastball Great baseball site with news, scores, links, forums, fantasy information & more.
Fox Sports - Baseball Baseball transaction analysis.
Official Site of Major League Baseball Stats, results and more.
Ric & Byron's RotoJunkie Good site for Baseball (and other sports) information. Alex Patton's player profiles and Peter Kreutzer's analysis make this site well worth visiting.
Rotoscout Fantasy Baseball Page Analysis of baseball news and transactions.
Roto Times Baseball Fantasy & Rotisserie News Good baseball information for fantasy baseball players (and baseball fans in general). Baseball Really neat fantasy baseball site. Rotoworld also has good fantasy league information on other sports.
SLAM! Baseball Canadian site with good fantasy/general info.
The Sporting News Fantasy Source Player evaluations & ratings by position and fantasy recommendations. Sports sim site where you can put together fantasy lineups and compete against real lineups or other fantasy teams.

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