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MP3 Software Utilities
MP3Boss - Just GET THIS! It's the best one I've found so far for managing mp3 files. MP3 Boss makes it SIMPLE to manage and play your mp3 files. With this program you can easily scan and fix your mp3 tags, find and remove duplicate mp3 files, rename or delete mp3s (even while the song is playing) and much more!
MP3Utility - This free software developed by Peter F. Smith's helps to identify damaged mp3 files and it's made it possible for me to enjoy my RIO 600 again. Read THIS to see why!
CloneCD - I haven't used this software so I can't speak from personal experience but it's supposed to allow you to copy files from one CD to another and, because the program writes in Raw mode, gives you full control over the output and the ability to create real 1:1 copies of discs. The main feature of the program is that it can copy CDs regardless if they're copyrighted. As long as it's used responsibly,CloneCD is useful for creating back-ups of important discs.
Losoft MP3Info Shell Extension - Freeware that lets you view and edit all relevant information about an MP3 file and its ID3 tag from the files properties dialog in Windows Explorer. On newer versions of the shell (IE4 and above) it also shows this infomation in an info popup window if you move your mouse over an mp3 file.
Smart MP3 Renamer -Software that helps you re-name mp3 files. - Use this website to create PDF files which can be printed and folded to create, depending on your choices, paper CD cases or jewel case inserts.
dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC) Free software utilities for converting audio files from one format to another. Part of dMCs formidable arsenal, is its ability to rip music straight from Audio CDs, or LPs [optional install]. dBpowerAMP software does not contain any Spyware, "Ad sponsorship" or other nasties.
CDex 1.40b6 - Freeware CD audio ripper with CDDB and freedb support.