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Having trouble getting some of your mp3's to play on your portable player?

The sound on this player was great but, at first I became highly frustrated at what seemed to be random, but far to frequent cases, where mp3's that played just fine on my computer would stop midsong or not play at all. In contacting RIO customer service, I was told that new firmware should fix this - but it didn't help. I almost gave up on being able to enjoy this player but then I discovered a fantastic bit of free software called MP3Utility. After checking my mp3's with this software, I found that simply not using the problem mp3's uncovered allowed me to enjoy the RIO with NO files stopping mid-song!

In any case, if you run into a similar problem when trying to use your mp3 player, you may want to try MP3Utility and see if that doesn't help out!

Listening to MP3's when away from your computer
I currently use an MP3/CD player. These players differ from regular CD players in that you can play play CD-Rs and CD-RWs burned with MP3s on them. This allows you to have roughly 100 to 200 songs (over 20 hours) on a single CD! While there are less expensive players, the one that I wholeheartedly recommend based on my experience is the iRiver Slim-X!

iRiver SlimX IMP-350

iRiver 'Slim-X' IMP-350 CD / MP3 Player Check prices and read user reviews!

Read Alfmeister's review to learn more about this great new and very THIN mp3 CD player from iRiver - the people who brought you the Rio Volt CD players!

Key Features:

  • Slim Profile Width: 5.3 inches x 5.7 inches x 0.6 inches
  • weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Plays standard audio CDs, Enhanced CD, CD Plus, home-made CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • Supports popular music formats, including MP3, WMA and ASF
  • Built in FM Tuner
  • Firmware Up-gradability : emerging standards & enhanced features
  • Compressed Audio Shock Protection up to 480 seconds
  • CD Audio Shock Protection up to 180 seconds
  • Rechargeable batteries that last about 16 hours (including auxiliary battery pack)
  • Easy navigation via Graphic LCD on Remote Control
  • Adjustable equalizer (7 prefix & 1 user defined), repeat and shuffle play modes and programmable playlists
  • Supports ID3 tags and audio CD text, title display

    *** Personal comment. After first trying Panasonic's SL-MP35 mp3/CD player and finding it to be less than satisfactory, I decided to buy the Slim-X IMP-350. I am SOOO glad I did. Why?

  • First of all the sound on this player is terrific and can be easily customized to your tastes with it's adjustable equalizer.
  • Having a remote makes a huge difference. You can keep the player in tucked away in a carrying case and not have to pull it out to see the song information. (BTW... the supplied carrying "bag" is a joke. I bought a nice CD player case at WalMart for about $10.)
  • Not having to buy batteries for this unit is more convenient than I realized. I tend to use rechargeable batteries on most of my electronics devices but the extra advantage here is that you don't have to remove batteries from the player in order to recharge.
  • It's just plain fun! Get one for yourself and you WON'T be disappointed!

If a CD full of mp3's isn't enough for you and you'd also like an extremely portable player, then you'll want to look into getting an Apple iPod. iPods are mp3 hard drive players and, while they hold more songs than the above players, the iPods are actually smaller and lighter! I don't own an iPod - yet! However, based on reviews I've seen and now that iPods are compatible with Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, I definitely want one. It's just a matter of time for me.

Apple iPod Players

Apple iPod Players Check prices for the various models and see user reviews!

  • Available with 10 GB, 15 GB, 20 GB or 30 GB Drive
  • Take your entire music collection with you! The smallest current version is 10 GB and holds up to 2,500 songs. 30 GB model holds up to 7,500 songs!
  • FireWire and USB 2.0 interface for fastest digital transfer; load an entire album in as little as 10 seconds!
  • SMALL! Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and slips easily into your pocket.
  • VERY LIGHT! Weighs less than 2 compact discs.
  • Many other fun and helpful features!
These Cowon iAudio Players look REALLY nice. I'm probably going to did buy the Cowon iAudio X5 30 GB Portable Multimedia Player one of these very soon and I highly recommend it.
Cowon iAudio X5 20 GB Portable Multimedia Player Cowon iAudio X5 20 GB Portable Multimedia Player
Cowon iAudio X5 30 GB Portable Multimedia Player

Cowon iAudio X5 30 GB Portable Multimedia Player

Neuros - Neuros makes some very interesting looking mp3 players and portable digital media players/recorders.
Reviews of MP3 Players & MiniDisc Players

The best sites I've been able to find for reviews of these players are:'s mp3 and digital audio page My favorite place for reviews of mp3 and minidisc players. Products are reviewed by CNET and supplemented by user opinions.
Alfmeister's MP3 CD Player Reviews Very thorough reviews of three great portable mp3 CD players: the Rio Volt SP250, the iRiver2 IMP-250, and the iRiver 'Slim-X' IMP-350.'s Hardware News & Reviews Page's Hardware Page (be sure to check out the Hardware Message Boards!)

The headphones / earbuds that you get with most portable music players, quite frankly, suck. Definitely check these sites out so that you'll be able to fully enjoy your music!'s Quick Guide to Headphones Head Phone Reviews

Looking for a good deal on headphones for your portable mp3 player or CD player?
This is a great choice and the kind I use).

Koss SportaPro Headphones

Koss SportaPro Collapsible Headphones