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How to restore a corrupted user.exe file reported by System File Checker

Question: When I run the Windows 98 utility System File Checker, as part of the System Tools in the Accessories group, the program reports that the file USER.EXE is corrupted. The error message that appears is the following:

USER.EXE Error message

I have selected the option Restore file to correct this file. When I open the System File Checker utility again, however, the program still reports that the file USER.EXE is corrupted. What can I do to correct the corrupted file properly?

Actually, the file USER.EXE is not corrupted. It is the file DEFAULT.SFC belonging to the System File Checker utility itself that contains wrong information.

To resolve this issue, the file DEFAULT.SFC needs to be restored. Perform the following steps:
Click the Start button, select Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and click System Information.
From the Tools menu, click the option System File Checker.
Click the Settings... button, click the Advanced tab and click the Restore Defaults button; the program will prompt to specify the location that contains the file to restore.
At the option Restore from type in: C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS, as shown in the next image and click OK.

Restore file

Click OK again to close the System File Checker utility. The corrupted file has been replaced and System File Checker will not generate the error message anymore.